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Silverstream Spin

October 29th 2022

Silverstream Spin

Quite simple really. Camp at a beautiful spot. Roll a dice, run the corresponding loop, roll the dice again, run again, and repeat. Winner is the first person home after three loops.

Loops range from 6.3km to 26km. There’s a lovely variety of calf burning climbs, glorious native bush, wild subalpine ridges, technical downhills, mud, great views and a few stream crossings.

Be aware this is a fatass style event. You are responsible for looking after yourself.

We provide a campsite and maps but there are no track markings, aid stations, or marshals.

Please read the Rules of the Game carefully.

Run distance from 19km to 78km…

and you don’t get a choice!

Stuff to know


Starting 9am, October 29th, 2022

(Best to turn up by 8:00 to get your tent set up. Some of us will be there on Friday night)

Running is free. Koha for camping and other expenses.


Bridge Field, Waiora campsite, Silverstream Valley Rd, Dunedin

Click on map for Google Maps link


You don’t really need to enter but you can register your interest on the Facebook event page here.

Also you can keep up to date and chat about all things Silverstreamy on the Facebook group here.

Check out the Rules of the Game here.

“Silver Stream Spin is the best combination of chaos, adventure, and romping through the forest with your friends! One of the most enjoyable “races” I’ve ever done!”

Wyatt Stevens

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